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Our Team

The Quantum Chemical Topology group was created by Prof Paul Popelier in 1997. The group has since established itself as an leading research centre.

We have also attracted talented people to join our group as postdocs, PhD students and summer students.

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Our Location

manchester-institute-of-biotechnology_02We are located in the School of Chemistry.

Computing Facilities

We have access to a local modern and powerful HPC/HTC facility, The Computation Shared Facility (CSF), to meet our demand in computational power. The facility has more than 8,500 CPU cores + 500+ GPUs and we have contributed over 500 CPU cores, a Nvidia GPU node and 4 high memory computation nodes (each with 256 Gb of RAM). We were the original academic drivers of the CONDOR facility at the University of Manchester. These facilities enable us to conduct our research in an efficient and timely manner. We can also access the N8 Regional High Performance Computing Service and the ARCHER2 UK High Performance Computing Service when required.


Our research is supported by a wide range of organisations and companies.